Surviving to Thriving
Surviving to Thriving
 Jacky Power - experienced therapist in Surrey Email: Tel:07772204818

Jacky Power

Experienced Therapist

Email: Tel: 07772204818

I couldn’t recommend working with Jacky highly enough
— female - 40s
Jacky has great insight
— Male colleague
With Jacky I never felt judged nor that any topic was out of bounds
— Female - 20s

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Finding your flow

Part of the secret to flourishing in life is working on finding and using our strengths and virtues. It doesn’t have to be life shatteringly brilliant, just something that makes you feel good to do in a well-being rather than hedonistic kind of way.

Creativity is such an important part of that. I love writing and try to use it as a way to shine light on some of life’s shadows.