Jacky’s empathetic, kind and warm manner , combined with her experience and understanding, made me feel like I had a safe place to go; a place without judgment and a space where I could begin to get clarity and support to take one step forward and then another. She was really great at being with me in my darkest emotional place but knowing how to take my hand and show me the way up and out. I couldn’t recommend working with Jacky highly enough.

I feel moved to express my deep appreciation of our counselling sessions over the last months.  I wanted to let you know how much they have meant to me. With compassion you have shone a light on the true nature of my behaviours. We truly reached the parts that other counsellors didn’t reach

You are a gifted therapist, you have great insight and have clearly done some good work on your self.

I entered my first session with Jacky without any expectations, but left with the sense that everything would be ok. I’ve now been seeing Jacky for two years and can honestly say I am not the same person I was before.

Jacky provides a safe place to explore the root cause of feelings and has equipped me with the tools to conquer mine face on. I’ve never once felt judged, nor that any topic was out of bounds. The sessions are my time to talk about what I need to discuss. With Jacky’s support (and endless Kleenex supply!) I’ve changed my life for the better - I’m happier and stronger than ever, and with Jacky’s counsel, I can only see this continuing.

Thank you for all your work with me. I haven’t binged for a couple of months now and even though the weight is the same I feel better about food and my relationship with it. I think what you did has helped me enormously.