You are absolutely allowed to change your mind. In fact, it's vital to your survival.

I don't mean just changing your mind as in, 'I'll have chocolate chip ice cream actually, not vanilla'. No, I mean changing the automatic mind which has taken in unfiltered childhood messages until they have become automatic internal narratives like, 'you don't matter', you're not good enough'.

We all have them. Part of the work that needs to take place in changing our mindset is discovering what these messages may be, in particular, for you. There are certain scripts that we pick up along the way - food scripts, financial scripts, relational ones.

What yours are, I don’t know. When I work with clients we often create a timeline of their life to understand what events and messages may have got stuck on 'auto loop' in the unconscious mind.

THEN the work is about changing your automatic mind by bringing the 'adult' mind on board.

If you are interested in reviewing your own timeline to discover your inner critical voices, please get in touch.

Jacky Power