How much does it cost?

I charge £75 for a 60 minute session for you to discuss whatever you need.

How do you work?

I aim to create an empathic environment for you, where I meet you ‘where you are’, with no judgment. If you feel at any time that I am not creating the space that I intend for you then I invite you to share this with me. I want to provide a safe space for you to allow you to feel what you need to feel, say what you need to say. My aim is to ‘walk along side you’ as you work to change your life in ways which benefit you. I work within a 12 step philosophy.

How much will I need?

That really depends on what you want to improve in your life. It may be that you have a specific objective from the sessions which can be dealt with in a view visits. Alternatively, issues arising from trauma often take longer. Whichever way, improvements can be made in your life straight away.