I struggle writing this section about the type of therapist I am. You see, I'm not just a therapist.

I'm a mother, wife, ex board director, recovering human, writer AND therapist!

Despite a high flying career in marketing and the appearance of a life that was all together I suffered several traumas in my personal life which left me reeling.

By 2010 I was given the gift of desperation and began seriously deconstructing my life so that the mindful reconstruction could begin.

I retrained, completing my MSc in Addiction Psychology and Counselling in 2016.

I have since spoken at the International Conference for Addiction and Associated Disorders on Facebook addiction, based on the research I conducted during my Masters.

I bet you are not ‘just’ your anxiety, depression, OCD, addiction, eating disorder or dyslexia. I bet you are bona fide all round person with hopes and dreams that may be on the tip of your tongue or buried deep within your soul. If it’s time for you to come back home to yourself, get in touch.

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